Indiana eFMNP In - Person Sign - Up Events for Farmers

Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) invites farmers to sign – up to accept WIC and Senior FMNP at farmers markets and farm stands.  The IDOH team along with MarketLink will be at these sign – up events to get farmers registered. MarketLink will get you the TotilPay Go App to accept eFMNP this summer!

Also, USDA FNS will be at these events to help farmers sign-up for SNAP EBT. Market Managers are also welcome to attend.

For questions, contact by


Telephone: 1-800-522-0874

Register for an upcoming event:


Indiana eFMNP

Indiana’s WIC FMNP and SFMNP transitioned to Indiana eFMNP (electronic benefits in a mobile app) in 2023.

How It works

Recipients who have smart device (smartphone or tablet) running supported versions of iOS (Apple) or Android use a mobile wallet application to manager benefits. Recipients who do not have a smart device receive a printed QR code with their benefit.

Indiana eFMNP benefits can be spent with approved eFMNP merchants (farmers) at approved selling locations – farmers markets or farm stands. The approved eFMNP merchants will have an Indiana eFMNP poster displayed at their tent, booth or stand. Benefits may only be used to purchase fresh, locally grown, unprocessed fruits, vegetables and cut herbs.

Benefits may be issued on or after June 1st and continue through September 30th or until funds are exhausted. Issued benefits can be used for 30 calendar days from the date received. 

Senior FMNP

Application for Senior FMNP opens each spring (once annual income guidelines are updated) through senior serving agencies, such as the local Area(s) on Aging. Eligible seniors are 60-years-old or older with gross household income of no more than 185% of current federal poverty income guidelines. Persons with disabilities who are 55-years-old or older AND reside in housing primarily occupied by the elderly AND where congregate nutrition servics are provided may also be approved.

The Senior FMNP benefit is $50 per eligible individual. Benefits may be  used for 30 calendar days, and they can be spent with approved merchants (farmers) at approved selling locations (farmers markets and farm stands). The eFMNP merchants will have an Indiana eFMNP poster displayed at their tent, booth or stand. 

Issuance of Senior FMNP Benefit

Senior FMNP is issued by Indiana Area on Aging Agency (see Indiana map below) or IDOH for Washington, Lawrence and Orange Counties.  



The WIC FMNP benefit is $30 per eligible individual. Women (pregnant, post-partum, and breastfeeding), infants (over 4-months) and children (ages 1 to 5) who are certified to receive WIC program benefits are eligible to receive eFMNP benefits through their local WIC clinic. Many WIC offices set-up at eFMNP  famers markets and farm stands. 


For questions contact IDOH:

Call: 1-800-522-0874




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Updated February 2024