The Indiana Farmers Market Community of Practice’s Learning Circle is a group of people with a common interest who meet regularly to learn from each other about a self-identified topic.  Learning Circles are flexible, peer-directed learning experiences. INFMCP Learning Circle(s) will meet on a regular basis via Zoom with the number of meetings, length and frequency of the meetings to be determined by the group.  

Learning Circles are built upon the idea that every member has something to contribute and that every member has something to learn.  Learning Circles are intended to lead to action and change. The INFMCP Learning Circle will be facilitated by a group leader or facilitator who will assist on keeping discussions focused, interactive. The group leader or facilitator, who may be a subject matter expert, will provide the group with information and resources that will help the group work toward a targeted objective.

INFMCP’s How to Start or Reboot a Farmers Market Learning Circle

Starting March 26th through April 30th at Noon to 1:00 pm via Zoom.  

Registration is open. Secure your spot today!

Topics that will be discussed include: