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Farmers Markets in Indiana 

How does Indiana rate in farmers markets?  Where are the farmers markets located in Indiana and what do we know about them? How do you start or reboot a farmers market?  Join us as we look at what we know about Indiana Farmers Markets.  


Indiana Farmers Market Community of Practice

Started in Spring 2021, the Indiana Farmers Market Community of Practice (INFMCP) is a dedicated group that meets monthly to build a community of practice for farmers market managers, farmers and vendors. Funded by USDA Ag Marketing Services’ Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant, the purpose of INFMCP is to support, strengthen and increase the number of farmers markets in Indiana. 


 What is a community of practice?

  • A community of practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a common concern, a set of problems, or an interest in a topic and who come together to fulfill both individual and group goals.
  • Communities of practice often focus on sharing best practices and creating new knowledge to advance an area of interest. Ongoing interaction is an important part of a community of practice.
  • Many communities of practice rely on face-to-face meetings as well as web-based collaborative environments to communicate, connect and conduct community activities.   From: Creating Communities of Practice

Learning Circle: How to start or reboot your farmers market!

The goal of our learning circle is to explore a topic through guided discussion and participant sharing. Each session may build upon the previous session or can be a stand alone session.

 Session 1 Resources:  

Topics covered: 

Farmers market defined. Mission, Vision & Purpose. Who are your partners? Who are your customers? & What type of farmers market?  


Session 2 Resources:

Topics covered:

Location, Location, Location! Where are your customers? Who are your farmers and vendors? Famers Market is a Business!


Session 3 Resources:

Topics covered:

Market Manager Roles & Responsibilities. Market Manager – Paid or Volunteer? Market Management Systems?  Business Plan Needed.

Resources shared:


Session 4 Resources:

Topics covered:
All About Vendors! Farmers, Vendors & Home-Based Vendors. 

Resources shared by Leigh Rowan, Market Manager with Ft. Wayne Farmers Market


Session 5 Resources:

Topics covered:

The Money! Budgets – Income and Expenses. Grants for Nutrition Incentives and Market Programs.


Session 6 Resources:

Topics covered:

Strategies for getting the word out – Marketing, Promotion & Adversting.